HP Cone Crusher

5.5 Feet Cone Crusher

5.5ft cone crusher for sale with high-efficiency and hydraulic pressure was widely used in mining, concrete factory, sand stone making, etc. The machinery's pressure resistance strength is under 350Mpa. And cs series 5.5ft cone crusher for sale are widely suitable for primary crushing of many kinds of mining and rock such as many kinds of ores, concrete, fireproof material, bauxite, quartzite, corundum, perlite, ironstone, basalt, etc5.5ft cone crusher for sale is widely applied in metallurgical, construction, road building, chemical and phosphatic industry.

working principle of 5.5 feet cone crusher

The working parts are two cutter haeds, also called cones; one is fixed cone ( also called outer cone), the other one is movable cone ( also called inner cone. The outer cone is fixed, which is one part of frame; the movable cone is pluged freely in the eccentric bush, so the central axis between the fixed cone and the movable cone intersects and forms into a bevel. When rotating, the movable cone rotates along the inner suface of the fixed cone. The place that the movable cone pressed against the fixed cone becomes the crushing cavity, where the materials is pressed, impacted and bent by the movable cone. The place that the movable moves away from the fixed cone becomes the discharging open, where the crushed materials is discharged out under the role of gravity, and the materials are sent from the feed open.

5.5ft cone crusher for sale Features

  • 1. Higher capacity and less wear costs.
  • 2. Wide range of application suitability.
  • 3. cs series 5.5ft cone crusher for sale is Easy to maintain, reduce the downtime and maintenance costs.
  • 4. Stable running performance and easy operation.
  • 5. Stable bevel wheel transmission device
  • 6. Balanced runout rotation ensures best capacity.
  • 7. Proper operation, continuously load until the machine shut down scheduled.