attapulgite powder vertical mill

Attapulgite Powder Vertical Mill

The attapulgite powder vertical mill has a general role in production in our country in the field of industrial raw material, because of this mill is the most rapid technological development in the mining machinery equipment, but no matter how development, is the change from the Pope, the structure and the working principle of the attapulgite powder vertical mill is not change, the following for you to introduce.Abrasive operation is carried out in the attapulgite powder vertical mill barrel body, a motor shaft coupling, a speed reducer and a small gear drives the cylinder and the gear ring to rotate through. The material through the mill inlet end into the feeding device, the first chamber into the mill with uniform motion of the hollow spiral.

Structure of Attapulgite Powder Vertical Mill

The main structure comprises a mill attapulgite powder vertical mill cylinder body, end covers and bearings and transmission parts. Among them, the transmission parts of attapulgite powder vertical mill has a triangular belt, motor, reducer, belt pulley parts. In order to ensure the grinding efficiency of the cylinder, the staff are often in the cylinder body into a diameter of 25 150mm steel bars or steel ball to increase polishing rate, loading usually accounts for the cylinder body 25% of volume 50%. In addition, the tube body with a lining plate. The end cover at two ends of the cylinder body, connected by a flange at the bottom screw and barrel, the middle with air holes, to ensure the smooth discharge of waste gas. Bearing supporting the hollow shaft diameter, effectively reduces the friction cylinder, prolongs the service life of the cylinder. The big gear ring is fixed on the cylinder body.

working principle of Attapulgite Powder Vertical Mill

The cabin with corrugated liner, can effectively reduce the friction between the materials, at the same time lining grinding balls of different sizes and specifications is also provided with a within plate, by the staff according to the actual needs of work to choose. When the cylinder rotates, the steel ball can do uniform motion in a straight line in the influence of mill rotating force and reverse force, has been sliding down. In addition, the effect of these two forces, the ball will produce some friction with the cylinder body, a steel ball with the axis of the cylindrical body and make revolution motion, make it posts near the cylinder liner on the cylinder body away, when to rise to a certain height, medium due to self weight and parabolic or falling and falling thus the material in the barrel under the ground. The material in the finished after rough grinding, then by the first chamber into the second bin, the Bin Bin friction than the first material grinding can be smaller, more broken, more fine. Second warehouse linedwith flat lining, when grinding after the end, by the discharge grate discharge powder material.

The attapulgite powder vertical mill work great influence on filling rate. When the ball filling ratio reached 40% and 50%, the rotary speed of the attapulgite powder vertical mill will change accordingly, and the grinding media will appear the following three basic motion, achieve more crushing and less grinding, reduced into the grinding strength, greatly improve the production efficiency, reduces energy consumption. The first movement state of high speed, in the body under the action of centrifugal force, the ball will together with the cylinder body together to do rotary motion, namely uniform circular motion at the grinding medium can not effectively play its role and impact of grinding, the grinding efficiency is low. Second kinds of running state of the low speed, less friction between the material and the grinding medium, the grinding effect is not obvious, the grinding effects of the same limited. Third kinds of grinding conditions, the grinding speed is relatively stable, the grinding medium in the cylinder body with rose to a certain height, will be in uniform circular motion state to fall back into the cylinder, the abrasive action is full, effectively reduce the product size, high grinding grain processing ability