PFW Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher Spare Parts

Essential work in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, coal and other industrial sectors of the material is broken, broken by the kinetic energy of the device means that kinetic energy is generated, and then through gearing transfer energy to the grinding of raw materials by compression, shear, friction such as the role of deformation and failure, and ultimately a new generation of solid surfaces. Because of the crushing process in corporate investment and operating costs accounted for a disproportionately large, so crushing industry need efficient, energy-saving metal consumption, increase energy production of the new Crusher Machine, in order to reduce the cost of crushing process.

Impact crusher, impact is low energy equipment with international advanced level on the market today, its performance plays a unique role in a variety of fine ore broken equipment. Impact crusher is suitable for a variety of different hardness ore minerals such as iron ore, nonferrous metal ore, diamond, bauxite, quartz sand, corundum, perlite, basalt, high hardness materials, domestic and foreign construction, mining, metallurgy Industry and sand core equipment industry.

Impact Crusher principle

Material handling equipment by continuous crusher evenly to give as gifts to the hopper, and then enter the buffer funnel, funnel due to the special structure of the buffer, the material in the hopper into the barrel through the guide portion of the impeller, in part by the buffer outside the funnel into the eddy break cavity. Material in the impeller of the crusher, a high speed rotation due to the division of the pile and the impeller, centrifugal force causes the material to be dispensed into each emission channel, and in a very short period of time is accelerated to 70 ~ 100m / s, toward the outer periphery reflective materials or materials from falling material injection, resulting in a strong impact and grinding effect. At the same time due to the effect of lifting the material lining up materials, materials in the crushing cavity will naturally form a mutual whirl of friction, higher the probability of collision between the material, making the material is repeated several times after impact, crushing achieve dramatic results.

Features Impact Crusher

  • 1. Impact crusher with high efficiency, energy conservation, energy, etc.
  • 2. Simple structure, easy maintenance, fine and uniform particle size, stronger than the iron-performance, low operating costs, can be used as cement and building materials industry in the process of Crusher Machine.
  • 3. Applies to the handling of more than hard abrasive materials, little affected by the moisture content of the material, the performance is superior to other types of crushers.
  • 4. For crushing cement clinker, slag glass raw materials and other materials, products, large bulk density, pollution is minimal.
  • 5. The crusher wear parts, especially the life of head wear and should be further improved, the development of new wear-resistant materials, and improved blade structure for vertical impact crusher application to create favorable condition.