Vertical Impact Crusher Design

Vertical Impact Crusher Design

With the progress of the domestic cement production technology, the new pre-crushing process is widely used in the production of cement clinker. Vertical impact crusher due to high crushing efficiency, investment and quick, pre-grinding process to become the most commonly used Crusher Machine. This paper describes in detail the impact on the vertical break in cement production and its applications.It can be seen that the vertical impact crusher is a difference between the common new larger crusher Crusher Machine, cement clinker grinding as pre-Grinding Mill, the advantage of the majority of users has been positive, the products in the country promotion of high value.

What is the features of vertical impact crusher design ?

  • 1. After the new machine is put into operation, the machine must be checked for the machine. About two weeks after the operation, only a month on the machine for a comprehensive inspection. The motor and lubrication of the equipment should be checked every week. The contents of the inspection shall include the fastening of the fixed position, the belt drive, the bearing seal, and the electrical switch.
  • 2. the machine must be a week on the main parts of the machine, such as plate hammer, back lining board, lining board wear and tear, and combined with the maintenance cycle to establish a regular maintenance and replacement system.
  • 3. the rotor and the impact of the gap adjustment when the rotor in operation, the rotor and the impact of the gap between the liner can not be adjusted. Such as the material into a block to the ground between the plate and the shell, the proposed adjustment of the gap before a slightly raised counter frame, so that the feed will become loose, easy to adjust the counter. If you raise the counter frame is not enough, can be in a relaxed tie rod

Vertical Impact Crusher Design Application

Vertical shaft impact crusher is widely applied in constructions of highway, railway, high-rise buildings, civic buildings, hydroelectric dam and concrete mixing plant; it is a perfect machine for producing high quality aggregate. As a high efficient and energy-saving crusher, it is applicable to make both fine and coarse crushing from various materials, including extra hard stone, middle hard stone and abrasive materials.impact crusher is widely used to crush different mining materials. vertical impact crusher design is high on demand for various applications of crushing and mashing stones, coal, lime stone, gypsum, iron and other ores. This vertical impact crusher design for aggregation finds usage in highway, railway surface, and water and electricity industry and is available at affordable rates.

Working principle of vertical impact crusher

The stone from the crushing machine directly into the upper part of high-speed rotating wheel; under the effect of centrifugal force at high speed, with another part of the umbrella-type approach to segregation at the wheel flying around the stone produces high-density high-speed collision and crushed stone in the fight against each other, then they will In between the turntable and the chassis caused by the formation of vortex movement against each other many times, rubbing, grinding, direct discharges from the lower part . Form a closed loop on many occasions, by the screening device control to achieve the required granularity.