Sand Making Machine

Basalt Artificial Stone Crusher

When the stone crushers starting, transient load great starting current exceeds the rated current for a few times, if there is no rheostat, the motor can not afford. Frequency sensitive rheostat before put into use are to adjust the starting time how many seconds and implode in the specified time must to normal operation, get rid of frequency sensitive rheostat, otherwise the motor in danger of being burned out. Therefore, when the broken workers in the car, when the machine is not functioning properly, the current meter indicates the current did not return to the rated current position, can not immediately leave the starting point.

Prospects of Basalt Artificial Stone Crusher

The accuracy of the crusher is an eternal topic, which is the guarantee of the accuracy of the parts. Dynamic high precision is a series of functions that can significantly improve the machining accuracy of machine tools, especially for high speed machining of complex contour.

Basalt Artificial Stone Crusher manufactures

Our company as the world's first mining and processing technology and solutions provider, innovative technology and top quality materials to create the best combination of the top of the man-made stone, in the mining industry, the production of energy saving, high technology content of man-made stone is a big trend in the future development of the machinery industry in the future. The prospect of artificial stone is not used in the field of building sand production, but also has a wide range of applications in the field of mine crushing, with the broken machine of mine to the basalt processing into 6mm-9mm products. Production can be adjusted according to the need for 280 tons per hour, etc..