Dry Mortar Production Line

Dry Mortar Production Line

According to the structure and investment of equipment, dry mortar production line can be divided into: automatic dry mixed mortar production line, basic dry powder mortar production line, semi automatic dry powder mortar production line and fully automatic dry powder mortar production line. In general, dry mixed mortar production line or dry mixed mortar production equipment is used to manufacture high-quality dry mixed mortar production line supplier of the factory. A complete set of configuration by the lifting machine, pre mixing silo, silo, mixer, finished products warehouse, packaging machine, dust collector, cabinets and gas balance system.

Processes of Dry Mortar Production Line

In the dry mortar production line, firstly, Massive stones are evenly sent from feed bin to jaw crusher for rough crushing through vibrating feeder, then to impact crusher for further crushing sent by belt conveyor. Secondly, through belt conveyor, the fine crushed stones are transferred to vibrating screen for screening, so stones of different sizes will be screened out. Thirdly, the stones which meet requirement of finished products will be transferred to finished products pile, while the others will be sent back to impact crusher by belt conveyor for recrushing again. In this way the closed-circuit cycles are formed.

The whole dry mortar production line consists of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher (primary crushing), cone crusher and impact crusher , vibrating screen, and belt conveyor.According to the clients' requirements for specification, output and usage of stones, different plants are matched to form the stone production line. We can offer comprehensive and perfect pre-sale, sale, and after sale service. Managing process configuration on the basis of clients' production field, we strive to supply customers the most reasonable and most economic line of assembly.

Marble production line

Marble production line includes crushing and screening two procedures.The marble stone is transported to primary crusher via feeder for primary crushing. Then the crushed marbles were transported to impact crusher by the belt conveyor for secondary crushing and fineness crushing. Then the crushed marbles delivered to vibrating screen. The crushed marbles are screened out into several different types. Marbles with unsatisfied size will be returned back to impact crusher for recrushing. Marble grinding production line mainly uses mill, and it can produce 200 to 400 mesh powder.