Gypsum Manufacturing Plant in Ethiopia

Gypsum Manufacturing Plant in Ethiopia

gypsums can be classified as natural or artificial dpending on their sources. Natural gypsums are obtained from quarries by processing crushed rocks or from riverbeds while artificial gypsums are obtained from industrial by products such as blast furnace slag. Natural gypsums are most commonly obtained and are relevant for Ethiopian construction sector since artificial gypsums are hardly produced in the country.

Gypsum Manufacturing Plant

In gypsum manufacturing process, the raw rock materials and crushed stone products generally are loosened by drilling and blasting and then are loaded the processing operations. Gypsum Processing operations may include crushing, screening, size classification, material handling and storage operations.

Jaw crusher, impact crusher, or gyratory crushers are usually applied for initial size reduction. The crusher product, normally 7.5 to 30 centimeters (3 to 12 inches) in diameter, and the grizzly throughs (undersize material) are discharged onto a belt conveyor and usually are conveyed to a surge pile for temporary storage or are sold as coarse gypsums.

Gypsum Crushing Machine

Zenith is global supplier and manufacturer of crushing, grinding and sand making machine. We developed complete range of gypsum processing and crushing plant for various construction applications. Our gypsum crushing machines are with various specifications, and can be applied in small scale, medium scale and large scale sand manufacturing applications.

Zenith experts customize gypsum crushing solution according to customers' requirements. We provide high performance gypsum manufacturing plant in Ehiopia, Namibia, South Africa, Argentina, Bahamas, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Chile, Cuba etc.

Zenith gypsum processing plant for sale including quarry machine, gypsum crushing machine, sand washing plant, drying plant, air separators, and screens and classifiers etc. Please feel free to contact us for more information.