Jaw Crusher Capacity Parameter

Jaw Crusher Capacity Parameter

For the overload problems caused by un-crushed materials and large starting power, it needs to have a new type double pneumatic overload protection device. Under the studies and research, it will set the special structure of pneumatic clutch between eccentric shaft pulley, flywheel and crusher respectively. Through the automatic control of pressure relay, it will realize the overload protection and section starting of crusher machine. This device has simple structure, reliable operation and suitable for long-term work under the bad environment and so on.

Problems in Jaw Crusher Operation Process:

Jaw crusher machine has wide application in mineral beneficiation, construction material and chemical industry. There are two main problems existing in large scale jaw crusher machine operation process line: overload protection and segmented soft start. To solve this type machine motor start characteristics and reduce the volume, saving energy, it needs to have the soft start for the jaw crusher machine.

How to Solve These Problems

To solve these two problems, it needs to install the flexible, reliable works overload protection device and reduce the starting up powder of segmented soft start. Currently, in China, the overload protection includes broken bracket, flywheel torque insurance device, hydraulic safety device, front wall springs, eccentric CAM and spring bracket of bearings and so on. The first three one is widely used. Depending on the jaw crusher structure, the experts design the air tube clutch as the core. It can realize the overload protection function and it can be used as the new device to have the segmented soft start.


The large scale jaw crusher machine overload protection and segmented soft start up device has the following characteristics:

  • 1.It can automatically compensate the brake shoe friction wear; ensure the clutch transmission constant torque;
  • 2.Big transmission torque;
  • 3.Pneumatic clutch combined with smooth, separation is rapid, and can buffer vibration absorption;
  • 4.Compressed air for the environment pollution-free, safety performance is good;
  • 5.Pneumatic clutch has simple structure, easy installation and maintenance;
  • 6.Control system accuracy is low, easy to realize automatic control.