Marble Granite Processing Plant

Marble Granite Processing Plant

In the marble grinding process, Firstly, massive marbles are sent to jaw crusher, through which we can get the ore particles of needed size. Secondly, the materials are sent to feed bin by elevator, then to the main grinding machine for grinding through the vibrating feeder, equally, quantitively, and continuously. Thirdly, the grinded powders are taken to the analyzer for analysis by the airflow of draught fan. The powders of needed fineness, enter into the spiral collector for separation and collecting, along with airflow. Finally, the powder products expel from the pipe. The whole airflow circuit of this machine is closed and circulatory, and round flows in positive and negative pressure

Marble Grinding Production Line

There are many grinding machines can be used in marble grinding production line, like ball mills, Raymond mills, trapezium mills, vertical mill, high-pressure pendulum mills, etc. According to clients' needs, different mills can be used as main machine of this marble grinding production line.

The marble grinding production line ordinarily consists of jaw crusher, scoop elevator, magnetic-vibrating feeder, grinding main machine, donkey engine, blower, centralized electronic control, etc. The size range of products is wide, from 0.613mm (30 meshes) to 3000mesh. The size range of fine powder is 325-3000 mesh. The average diameter of particles is 0.033mm (425 meshes). Its output can reach 0.7-7.5 t/h.

Marble Granite Processing Plant Features

  • 1. High efficiency: When the products' size and power of electromotor are same, it has more than twice the output of fluid jet mill, stirred mill, and ball mill.
  • 2. Long using time of quick-wear parts: The grinder roll and grinding ring, forged with special materials, greatly improve the utilization. Its The using time of quick-wear parts is generally over one year, which is twice to five times of impact crusher's and turbine crusher's in the situation of the same materials and products' sizes. When process calcium carbonate and calcite, its using time can be 2~5 years.
  • 3. Safety and high reliability: Owing to no rolling bearing and bolt in the grinding cavity, the problems, like vulnerability of bearing and sealing element, and damage of machines caused by bolt being easy to loose don't couldn't exist.
  • 4. High fineness of products: Just for one time, the products' fineness can reach D97≤5μm.

  • 5. Environmental protection: Impulse-type dust-removing machine and muffler, which reach national environmental-protection standard, are adopted to reduce powder pollution and noise. They have no pollution to surrounding environment.