Small Portable Concrete Crusher

Small Portable Concrete Crusher

Recycling has become a major activity for a lot of hma producers around the country. but many of them bemoan the fact that there are no easily portable crushing plants they can use to process the material at remote locations.Well, the engineers at zenith must have been listening to their customers once again, because the company has just introduced the rp3036 portable crushing plant, a unit that was designed specifically for processing light reinforced concrete and reclaimedasphalt pavement.

zenith stone's portable crushing

Zenith Stone has a full complement of concrete pump equipment with a variety of booms to maximize the movement of concrete from the truck to the forms. This equipment is maintained and upgraded frequently to utilize new technologies that prevent plugging and down-time.Zenith Stone's portable crushing division has an extensive inventory of equipment to satisfy any requirements for crushing rock, gravel, concrete or asphalt at the project site.Zenith Stone utilizes a variety of jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, screens, fine and coarse material screw washers, and feeders to get the job done cleanly and efficiently

mobile crushing plant

Mobile crushing plant can be used on site to process demolition waste. Where construction is to follow demolition on the site, concrete and steel can be recycled. Once material has been crushed and reduced in size, the arisings can be used on site as piling mats, backfill or for the construction of access roads. Recycling of onsite materials reduces the need to bring in primary aggregate for such applications and reduces the volume of waste material taken away to landfill. However, the option of transferring the demolition material to fixed recycling sites should be considered with regard to the optimisation of its potential and the environmental impact of on site activities.